Swedish yogi, nutritionist, wife, mommy, foodie, wino, nature junkie, animal friend, optimist, traveler, and life lover living in South Florida.

I grew up in Sweden in a close-knit family of five. We always had animals such as rats, hamsters, walking sticks (!), birds, dogs, cats, and horses. I am the middle child, the ‘diplomat’ and ‘negotiator’.

I went to school, graduated high school, and moved to England to work for a very successful show jumper in his barn and dreamt of becoming a world-renowned rider one day. After a year, I was offered a great job as a rider in Sweden, and moved back. One random day there was an American in my barn and we fell in love.

I followed my heart and moved to South Florida, bringing little else but my horse. I started college, studied organic chemistry and applied it to life. I changed the way I ate as I realized how we become what we eat. I practiced yoga, a lot of yoga, and watched my body and mind change. I got intrigued, studied with amazing yoga teachers and read book after book on nutrition. I met fantastic, interesting people through my new interests and learned a lot, but needed more.

So, I changed my major and entered a 2.5-year certification program to become a Holistic Nutrition Consultant (NC) at Hawthorn University in California and loved every informative minute of the program before I graduated. During the same time, I became a certified yoga instructor (RYT) at “my” yoga studio, Native Yoga Center. I got married. I became pregnant and had the most beautiful all natural birth experience when our daughter, Ruby, was born.

Currently, I live with my husband, my daughter and our cockapoo in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.
I am a stay at home mom that occasionally works. I teach weekly vinyasa classes and prenatal yoga at the Native Yoga Center in Juno Beach (www.nativeyogacenter.com). I am accepting new private clients for wellness programs as well as yoga.

I am convinced that Yoga and Proper Nutrition has the ability to change lives, and that it ultimately can change the world.

- Namaste