“Yoga doesn’t take time, it gives time.”  ~Ganga White

A yoga practice is a fantastic way to tone the body, gain strength, energy, body awareness and balance, and to find calm and focus in our hectic daily lives. It is also deeply healing of both physical and psychological issues.

The reason to seek individual instruction for your yoga practice may be anything under the sun, but know that everyone can benefit from this traditional way of learning yoga. This is a great way to learn the foundations of yoga, become more comfortable in challenging poses, and/or to ask as many questions as you want as we move along.

As a teacher, I put a lot of emphasis on the foundations of your yoga practice, namely alignment, balance and breathing. I believe that when your foundation is strong there are no limitations as to where you can take your practice, and when you pay attention to the details and every needed step, injury is avoided. I also believe in going to your edge and explore the surroundings…

I offer one-on-one, as well as, group private yoga sessions. With a client-centered focus, I will personalize a program and follow you step-by-step on the way toward your goal; whether it is weight loss, increased flexibility, gain strength, more body awareness, preparing you for child birth, recovering from injury, or any other achievement, or, why not ALL of the above!
These private sessions are perfect for someone who is looking to take his or her yoga practice to a new level, looking to start a yoga practice, or to just enjoy the convenience of scheduling and maintaining a practice at one’s own time and place.

I offer classes in the privacy of your own home, or, if desired, at the Native Yoga Center in Juno Beach.